In every country, expatriate needs to learn new codes of behaviour and ways of understanding the environment, regardless of the country of origin and that of the new residence. In order to be able to work efficiently and adapt smoothly one needs basic knowledge of the local conventions and cultural codes. This knowledge enables a person to review one´s own codes of behaviour and ways of thinking. In coaching we open the gate to understanding the local society and its functioning. The cultural variations in Brussels are introduced with concrete examples.

The secondments may become interrupted for several reasons. Among the most common ones is the inability of the spouse to adapt. We offer the training also to the spouses, thus facilitating the adaptation of the whole family.

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Practical knowledge

Additionally, we offer practical knowledge on following issues:

  • • Local customs, cultural variations, time as a relative concept
  • • Housing and living: Information package mainly for tenants, covering also more general practical matters such as rules concerning households
  • • Health care: basic info on local practices
  • • The importance of finding the social circles and social support
  • • The adaptation of the family, some tips when moving with children
  • Each package includes practical information most commonly unknown to new arrivals.


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