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New challenges usually slow down the adaptation in the beginning of the secondment, affecting also the efficiency at work as well as well-being in daily life. We can offer a compact and specific package of knowledge that facilitates the difficulties in the beginning. Our expertise is based on both scientific studies and practical expertise. We offer specific and comprehensive knowledge of components of adaptation. For example, flexibility and tolerance of ambiguity are essential components of adaptation in Brussels. Our training covers, in a practical manner, these and other components of adaptation needed in Brussels. In our training the local conventions and styles in everyday social encounters become familiar. This enables the expatriate to concentrate with full attention to work and avoid misinterpretations, which are common when entering a multicultural environment.

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Practical knowledge

Additionally, we offer practical knowledge on following issues:

  • • Local customs, cultural variations, time as a relative concept
  • • Housing and living: Information package mainly for tenants, covering also more general practical matters such as rules concerning households
  • • Health care: basic info on local practices
  • • The importance of finding the social circles and social support
  • • The adaptation of the family, some tips when moving with children
  • Each package includes practical information most commonly unknown to new arrivals.


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