Social psychological training and coaching

In practice every individual arriving in Brussels will face situations where familiar habits and learned ways of communication do not work. This causes additional stress in the beginning, even though it can be avoided by proper training. Our company Saarentalo Oy can offer a concise training package to adapt to the Brussels multicultural environment and to avoid the common misinterpretations and misunderstandings of initial adaptation. The training package includes both social psychological training to adaptation as well as practical information with examples.

Johanna Saarentalo-Vuorimäki

I hold a post graduate degree in social sciences. My dissertation focused on Finnish expatriates´ adaptation to a multicultural environment of Brussels. I have also lectured and written articles on the subject. Based on my study the right kind of training and coaching can benefit substantially the newcomers arriving to Brussels. I have lived in Brussels myself since 2003, and worked in both multicultural and Finnish societies. I have lived abroad since 1995 (Switzerland; France; Russia). During my Moscow years I worked as an expatriate advisor to a large Finnish company. Nowadays I have specialized in particular in Brussels multicultural environment. The thorough knowledge of this subject has allowed me to offer especially this kind of training to the expatriates and civil servants as well as their spouses settling in Brussels.


Dissertation Finnish Expatriates' Adaptation to a Multicultural Environment


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