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Training, coaching and lectures for adaptation to the multicultural environment of Brussels

Secondment to Brussels

In Brussels 62% of the population is foreign-born. Only one city in the world has more multicultural population (Dubai, with 82%). The Belgian culture has merged in Brussels with numerous other cultures creating the city its particular and unique features. This can be clearly seen in social encounters and communication, both in daily life as well as at work environments.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of adaptation in Brussels. Flexibility is needed both in situation assessment and behaviour. When arriving to Brussels from other parts of Europe the environment and social conventions may appear familiar at first sight. However, when moving to a culture that resembles one´s own, one easily disregards minor but distinct cultural differences. This can lead to either misinterpretation of the host culture or feelings of one´s own inability to cope. Furthermore, sometimes the communication diverts significantly from the style one is accustomed to, leading to uncertainty in communication.

The lectures and training that we offer address knowledge of culture specific issues regarding the common practices in the multicultural environment of Brussels. The variety of behavioural patterns and differing habits become familiar. The stress is reduced and adaptation is facilitated.

Key subject areas in adaptation to Brussels are:

  • Flexibility: flexible mind and flexible behaviour
  • Fine-tuning of communication to the multicultural environment
  • Motivation, situation assessment and self-efficacy


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